For juice of tomato varieties. Basic criteria for choosing tomato seeds

Perhaps every summer resident or gardener has at least once wondered what variety of tomatoes to plant for open ground on his plot. Not only the quality and size of the future harvest depends on this, but also how much time the plants will have to be devoted until they begin to bear fruit. However, with the help of certain tips, you can choose a variety that will be ideal for growing in certain conditions, and at the same time will not take a lot of effort from a person.

Criteria for selecting tomatoes for open ground

To ensure that the future harvest does not keep you waiting, it is recommended to select a variety for cultivation that suits the preferences of the gardener, as well as the climate conditions in which the planting is carried out. Here are the criteria that will be convenient for you to follow:

1. Zoning. The main condition that is observed by both experienced and novice gardeners. Breeders approach the creation of hybrids with great responsibility, so varieties differ in certain preferences for climatic conditions. Some tomatoes grow in the north, others in the south. Some people like dry weather, others prefer constant rain.

2. Place for landing. The concept of “open ground” is quite broad. For example, some gardeners plant seedlings in open areas where the wind constantly blows. Professionals prefer to create artificial protection from natural elements. In addition, it is important to take into account the acidity of the soil, as well as its structure, since this directly determines the quality of the crop.

3. Ripening period. A point that should also be considered first. Tomato is a light-loving crop, so if you choose a variety for planting in the fall that will grow for too long, you may encounter the problem that many flowers simply will not set fruit. In addition, it is important to plan what time of year to harvest the most crops in order to sell them at a favorable price.

4. Availability of time for care. Well, the last point is whether the gardener has the opportunity to tinker with seedlings, constantly tie up stems, remove shoots, and so on. Most tomatoes require a lot of care, but there are also varieties that forgive novice gardeners gross mistakes and will not wither if he suddenly forgets to water or feed the bushes on time.

Well, the fact for what purpose it is planned to grow the crop deserves special mention. For twisting, varieties that produce small but tasty fruits are suitable. For sale, it is best to plant a crop that produces tomatoes from 250 to 300 grams (the optimal size for sale). Well, if you plan to process the entire harvest into juice or paste, then you should give preference to those varieties that produce large berries.

The best variety for open ground - Koenigsberg

This mid-season tomato variety produces its first fruits 100-115 days after sowing the seeds. Koenigsberg can withstand even harsh Siberian conditions and is ideal for open ground. From one square meter you can collect from 4 to 18 kg of fruits weighing 150-300 grams.

Koenigsberg reaches an impressive 2 meters in height, and requires mandatory gartering and shaping.

There are different types of Koenigsberg: red, gold (popularly called “Siberian apricot”), pink, striped, heart-shaped. All of them are distinguished by their bright aroma, pleasant taste and increased resistance to most diseases of nightshade crops. This variety is also not afraid of drought and heavy rains.

Rating of the best tomatoes for the garden

Among thousands of varieties and varieties of crops, it is difficult for a novice gardener to choose the one that is suitable for growing on his plot. Therefore, it is recommended to use the top, compiled based on reviews from professional vegetable growers:

1. Boni MM. According to experienced gardeners, these tomatoes are considered one of the best for growing in open ground. All this is due to the fact that the fruits ripen in an ultra-short time and are also large in size. The height of the bush is from 50 to 60 centimeters, so caring for the plant will not be difficult.

Boni MM

2. Geranium kiss. Another popular determinate variety, the seedlings of which can be grown both on the balcony and in open ground. The compact plant produces a large number of small fruits (40-50 grams), making the variety popular among twist lovers. The bushes are extremely rarely affected by diseases and bear fruit at any time of the year.

Geranium Kiss

3. Sanka. A determinate variety that can be called universal without exaggeration. The plant is extremely unpretentious to the quality of the soil, and also does not require pinching. The fruits have a classic shape and are located about 3-4 pieces per cluster. The pulp is quite fleshy, tender and very aromatic. Berries are susceptible to cracking due to temperature changes.


4. Kaspar 2 F1. Another variety bred by Russian breeders. It is distinguished by cylindrical fruits, each weighing from 85 to 100 grams. The peel is slightly rough, but the variety is excellent for processing into tomato paste and juice. Can be grown both in greenhouses and open ground. Practically not susceptible to pests, including whiteflies.

Kaspar 2

5. Parsley gardener. This mid-season pink tomato variety was brought from Altai and has since been very popular among gardeners. Its main advantage is its resistance to cold. Breeders claim that plants do not die even at 0 degrees Celsius. It is recommended (but not required) to tie the bushes to a support, and also remove the stepsons.

And these are just 5 of the most common varieties that are suitable for growing in most regions of Russia. However, you can also highlight favorites among certain categories.

The most frost-resistant productive tomato varieties for the Urals and Siberia

There are very productive varieties of tomatoes for Siberia and the Urals. The main difference is resistance to bad weather, temperature fluctuations, including low temperatures, and good immunity.

Tomato "Sevruga"

A Dutch selection variety that was able to successfully acclimatize in Russia. The fruits are powerful, with a dense skin that protects from external damage. Weight can reach up to 500 g. The pulp is juicy and tender.

Tall bush - up to 1.4 m in height. No staking is needed as the stem is strong enough to support ripe fruit. Pinching is also not required. Productivity up to 5 kg per plant.

Tomato variety “Severyanka”

An ideal tomato variety for the harsh and cold climate of Siberia.

It has strong immunity, which provides high resistance to diseases. The tomatoes are medium size. Do not crack. The taste is sweet and juicy. Suitable for whole fruit canning. Productivity – 8 kg per 1 m2.

Tomatoes "Snegirek"

Low bushes, no more than 40 cm high, with bright red fruits that are massive for its growth. Weight from 180 to 200 g. This is a record holder among its category of tomatoes, since the Snegirek tomato continues to bear fruit even at zero temperatures. The variety is ideal for both the Urals and Siberia. Yield up to 4.5 per 1 m2.

Tomato "Roma"

The variety ripens in medium terms. Approximately 4 months after planting. It has good frost resistance, especially in the last 14 days of the growing season. It can also withstand early frosts. The height of the bush is 1.2 m. It requires pinching. Tomato weight – 140 g. Productivity up to 10 kg per 1 m2.

Early and super-early varieties

Golden stream

A little-known, but extremely high-yielding variety, which was bred for cultivation in open ground without pinching. The leaves are of a standard type, but the oval-shaped fruits form entire clusters, which is why it is recommended to pick them when unripe. The weight of each tomato ranges from 90 to 120 grams. They are distinguished by a weak aroma, but a rather meaty structure. The tomato is suitable for processing.

Don Juan

One of the most unpretentious tomatoes, the ripening period of which is from 80 to 95 days. The bush reaches a height of 50 centimeters, and the round-shaped fruits generally weigh 45-60 grams. The tomato is suitable for twisting because it has a distinct taste. The hybrid is resistant to harsh climatic conditions, so it can be grown almost everywhere.


A distinctive feature of this variety is the standard-shaped bushes, reaching a height of 0.5 to 0.7 meters. Harvesting will take place approximately 105 days after germination. The tomatoes are medium in size (from 80 to 150 grams), as well as sweet and sour taste, making the variety considered universal.


One of the earliest varieties (from 94 to 97 days), which does not require special care. Extremely popular among gardeners living in central Russia. The height of the bush is 45-50 centimeters. Inflorescences begin to form already under the sixth leaf. The berry reaches a weight of 150-200 grams and is perfect for sale.


A record holder among ultra-early varieties (ripening time from 75 to 80 days), which does not require pinching, but tying to a support is desirable. It is distinguished by an inflorescence with 6-8 fruits, each of which reaches from 110 to 115 grams. Plants can be grown in close planting (diagram - 50 x 40 centimeters).

Tomato varieties for the Moscow region

In order to grow an excellent harvest, you need to take into account the specifics of the region. There are tomato varieties that are bred specifically for planting in the Moscow region. These include:

  • Tamara . From one bush you can get 50 - 55 fruits. The plant is branched, low-growing. Tolerates unstable weather conditions well.
  • Sultan . A very fertile hybrid. The fruits weigh about 200 grams. These tomatoes take root well and bear fruit even under unfavorable climatic conditions. Ripening occurs after 70 days.
  • Demidov . Low plants, very resistant to late blight. Very undemanding to watering and other types of care.
  • Fitous . Also an undemanding plant, resistant to late blight. Fruiting lasts for a long time, until the first frost.

High-ripening and large-fruited varieties


Indeterminate tomato, which is characterized by medium ripeness and tall bushes (reach 1.5 meters). It is not difficult to understand from the name that the plant was bred by crossing tomatoes with oranges, which is why its fruits are distinguished by their orange shape. The first inflorescence is laid under 8-9 leaves, and every subsequent one - every three. If you provide a good support for the crop, it will bear fruit within 4-5 months.

Three fat men

From the name it is clear that a distinctive feature of the variety is its fairly large fruits (up to 400 grams), which are usually tied in 3 pieces on a cluster. However, tomatoes are practically not susceptible to cracking due to heat and overwatering. The variety also has good disease resistance.

Big Beef

An early ripening variety (99-105 days) with fairly powerful spreading bushes. The height of the plant is about 1.8 meters, so it is important to tie up the crop and plant it from time to time. The fruits are medium in size (from 150 to 250 grams) and have a good taste. In addition, tomatoes have good keeping quality and transportability.


A high-yielding mid-season variety that can be grown both outdoors and in a greenhouse. It is highly advisable to shape the crown and regularly trim the bush to avoid breaking off. Large fruits reach from 300 to 500 grams (some even grow up to 800) and are excellent for consumption and processing.

The most delicious and sweet tomatoes


The tomato is characterized by medium ripeness, as well as the ability to grow in greenhouses and outdoors. The bushes reach a height of 06 to 0.8 meters. Requires partial garter and pinching. The fruits are usually formed under the 7th leaf and also have a slightly elongated shape. Good for both rolling (60-80 grams) and for consumption.

Siberian trump card

Determinate mid-season variety, the height of the bush is 0.8 meters. The weight of the fruit reaches 300-500 grams, due to which they have a very presentable presentation. Practically not susceptible to blossom end rot. The plant is suitable for growing in the central zone, as well as in Siberia.

The Tsar Bell

A determinate variety for open ground and greenhouses, characterized by medium size: bush height from - 0.8 to 1 meter, tomato size - from 250 to 350 grams. Tomatoes are characterized by rich taste and juiciness. An option for those who like to squeeze tomato juice for the winter.

Sweet heart F1

One of the most popular varieties among beginning gardeners, which does not require special care, but is distinguished by quite tasty medium-sized fruits (250-300 grams). Also, tomato is practically not susceptible to diseases and is easy to grow even in harsh climatic conditions.

Pink honey

A high-yielding variety of pink tomatoes that can be grown in open ground even at the end of winter. Large tomatoes (from 350 to 500 grams) are tied in approximately 3-4 pieces per bunch. However, to prevent the bush from breaking under the weight of the fruit, you will have to regularly shape the crown.


The height of the hybrid is approximately 1 meter, which is why the bush may require additional support. The fruits have a greenish tint and are quite large in size (350-450 grams). The tomato is best suited for fresh consumption, but will keep well in a cold room.

Review and rating of the best popular varieties for 2021

Every summer resident, growing tomatoes on his plot, wants to get a rich harvest of tasty and aromatic fruits. Therefore, so that labor and time are not wasted, you need to choose the best varieties that are considered the most high-yielding and unpretentious.


A tall variety that produces up to 5-20 kg of oblong, red fruits per square meter. The pulp is juicy, tasty, with a pleasant aroma. The species is drought-resistant, transports well, and remains fresh for 7–10 days.

Abakan pink

Type of medium ripeness. The fruits ripen large, juicy and fleshy. Thanks to this, tomatoes are used fresh. For long fruiting, the bush is formed into 2-3 trunks.


Tall variety with teardrop-shaped flamingo-colored fruits. The plant forms a powerful bush 2 m or more in height. A large number of tomatoes weighing 30–40 g ripen on the plant. The bush is rarely infected with viruses and pests.

Yablonka Russia

Medium-sized, unpretentious tomato. Orange fruits are small, sweet and sour, appear 3 months after seed germination. The variety is productive, with a long fruiting period.

Monomakh's hat

Mid-season bush 1.3 m high. High-yielding variety, with sq. m, up to 20 kg of sugary, rich raspberry fruits with good taste are removed. Tomatoes are rarely susceptible to viral and infectious diseases, and are also resistant to sudden weather changes.

Important! With excessive irrigation, the peel cracks.

Puzata hut

Early, tall species. Large, pear-shaped fruits of scarlet color, with juicy pulp and a pleasant tomato aroma. The harvested crop is suitable for summer salads, juices and adjika.

Golden domes

A mid-season variety that produces up to 12 kg of ovoid, golden fruits per bush in a good year. The pulp is juicy and fleshy. The variety has good external characteristics and a long shelf life, so it is often grown on an industrial scale.

Eagle beak

A mid-season bush up to 1.5 m high. Since the plant produces about 6 fruits on a cluster, it needs support. The species is high-yielding; 8 kg of juicy oblong fruits are harvested from the bush.

De Barao,

Mid-season bush with a height of 2 m or more. The scarlet ovoid fruits, 50–70 g each, are used for preparing preserves and salads. The variety is cold-resistant and immune to late blight.

Bull's heart

The red bull's heart is a mid-late species. The plant has few leaves, up to 2 m in height. If agrotechnical rules are followed, the heart-shaped fruits grow massive, weighing from 400 g.

Spring of the North F1

An early ripening hybrid, it forms a small bush, up to half a meter high. The first round pink tomatoes, weighing 200 g, appear 3 months after sowing the seeds. Thanks to the dense peel, the crop tolerates transportation well and has a long shelf life.

Big Mama

A new, early-ripening variety of large tomatoes. The plant is determinate, reaches a height of up to a meter. For better fruiting, the bush is formed into 2–3 trunks. The first flower cluster appears above the 3rd leaf. Each ripens 5 spherical fruits, bright red, weighing 300 g.

Three sisters F1

An early, medium-growing, delicious hybrid. Scarlet spherical tomatoes, fleshy, with a dessert taste. Due to the high sugar content, the harvested crop is used fresh and for canning.


Exotic, indeterminate tomato. From the moment of sowing the seeds until harvesting, 100–120 days. The variety is productive, per sq. m, remove 6 kg of rounded fruits of a dark purple color. After heat treatment, tomatoes acquire an unusually dark color.

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Pink honey

Popular high-yielding tomato. The plant has few leaves, reaches 1.5 m. The heart-shaped fruits are large, colored pink-crimson. The weight of one tomato reaches up to 1 kg. Fleshy, but not stale tomatoes are used for salads, juices and adjika.

Empire F1

An unpretentious, mid-early hybrid, with plum-shaped orange fruits. The weight of the cream reaches 140 g. The pulp is dense, sweet and sour, with good taste and aroma.

Table F1

The early-ripening variety forms a spreading bush 1.5 m high. The first bright red, spherical tomatoes, weighing 140 g, appear above the 3rd leaf. Due to their fleshy pulp, pleasant taste and aroma, tomatoes are often used fresh.

A great warrior

An early-ripening, high-yielding tomato with large, fleshy fruits. Round tomatoes, weighing 300 g, covered with a bright crimson dense peel. To obtain a large harvest, the bush is grown in 1 trunk, all stepsons are promptly removed, and when it reaches half a meter, the plant is tied to a support.

Barberry F1

Determinate, drought-resistant hybrid with miniature raspberry fruits. When fully ripe, the peel does not crack, numerous fruits are located on long clusters, the flesh is dense and sweet. The hybrid is resistant to late blight.

Money bag

An early, clustered, productive variety with bright red tomatoes, weighing 50–60 g. The pulp is dense, fleshy, with a sweet and sour taste. Due to the rapid ripening, infectious diseases do not have time to infect the variety.

Black cherry

Tomatoes with a long fruiting period. The cherry tomato bush produces a harvest throughout the warm period, right up to frost. The plant is early ripening, not limited in growth. The ripe crop is colored red-violet, the weight of the fruit is 10–15 g.

Bunch Ildi

Yellow, unpretentious, tall cherry variety. Small fruits are collected in brushes of 80 pieces. The tomatoes are oval-shaped, the flesh is dense and juicy, with a sweet taste. Since the plant forms a spreading bush, per square meter. m plant no more than 3 plants.

Madeira F1

High-yielding, early-ripening cherry variety. The first fruitful clusters appear 3 months after seed germination. The tomatoes are small, weighing about 20 g. Ripening is smooth, so the harvest is harvested in whole clusters.


Determinate tomato with medium ripening period. The meaty-sugar tomatoes are large, weighing 500 g. The plant forms a small, sparsely leafy bush. Because of its juicy pulp, the crop is used to make salads and juice.

Grandma's secret

The variety is tall, biological ripeness occurs on the 100th day. The plant is powerful, up to 1.5 m high. The tomato is productive, with up to 6 fruits weighing 200–300 g ripening on each cluster. Flattened, crimson fruits with good taste and juicy pulp are suitable for salads and preserves.


A low tomato, reaching half a meter. Oval fruits with a hard skin and a sweetish taste. The variety is universal, resistant to diseases and temperature changes. Does not require pinching or gartering.

Beef from the bush

A tall plant with dark pink tomatoes weighing 600 g or more. The harvest ripens 4 months after sowing the seeds. The pulp is sweet, sugary. Tomatoes bear fruit throughout the warm period.

Varieties with immunity to late blight

Polfast F1

Early variety (86-91 days) with wide bushes growing from 60 to 65 centimeters. The fruits are most suitable for canning (size from 100 to 150 grams). However, tomatoes will also appeal to those who like to make fresh salads.

The house is rich

One of the most highly resistant varieties to late blight, which is also easy to care for. The fruit size is average - from 200 to 300 grams. The bushes are low-growing - from 0.6 to 0.7 meters. The plant does not require pinching or additional support.

Boni MM

In addition to resistance to late blight, the tomato also boasts almost complete invulnerability to pests. However, in order to grow a crop, you will need to regularly tie up adult bushes and constantly remove the fruits, of which 6-7 pieces are formed on the cyst.


An early ripening variety (91-106 days), which is distinguished by the small size of the bush (up to 50 centimeters) and fruits (up to 60 grams). Despite this, tomatoes are practically not susceptible to cracking after lying for a long time. Suitable for rolling and cutting into salads.

Amur standard

This variety differs from others in its high yield, as well as its ease of care (especially when it comes to watering and fertilizing). The tomatoes are small (100-150 grams), but quite tasty and juicy, so they are suitable not only for canning, but also for processing.

The most productive

If there is not enough space on the plot, and you really want to get a high yield, then you need to pay attention to varieties such as:

  1. Anastasia . A very fertile plant. From one bush you can get up to 12 kg of large, fleshy fruits.
  2. Roma . The fruits are suitable for canning. Each plant cluster can produce up to 20 tomatoes at the same time.
  3. Tarasenko 2 . The fruits reach 80 grams and are very well stored. Each bunch ripens from 35 to 50 tomatoes, which allows you to get a good harvest.

The most productive tomatoes

Puzata hut

Despite the fact that the variety is early, everyone will envy its yield. The bush reaches a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. The fruit weight is average (150-250 grams). They are distinguished by their pot-bellied shape and also look beautiful after cutting.

Crimson Giant

Determinate high-yielding variety, the height of the bush is 0.9 meters. It is recommended to grow with additional support and moderate pinching. The fruits have not only excellent taste, but also medicinal properties.


High-yielding and cold-resistant variety. The germination period ranges from 95 to 105 days. The size of the bush is from 0.6 to 0.5 meters. It is recommended to form a crown. The fruits are small (from 90 to 120 grams). Good for both preservation and consumption.

Self-pollinating tomatoes

Monomakh's hat

A very well-known variety in greenhouse circles, which is also suitable for growing in open ground. The size of the bush is only 1.5 meters. The best results can be achieved when forming the crown. The tomatoes are very large - from 500 to 800 grams.


A pink tomato that matures in approximately 105 days. The fruits are medium (200-300 grams), sweet, fleshy. Best suited for fresh consumption or sale.

Eagle Heart

Mid-season self-pollinating variety grown in central Russia. Among the main qualities of fruits, it is customary to highlight large size (up to 400 grams), as well as a low tendency to cracking.

The best mid-season variety - Favorite holiday

It belongs to the medium-sized varieties of tomatoes, and its fruits cannot be called small. On average, they grow 300-500 grams, and weigh up to 1.3 kg. From one square meter, ideally, you can harvest 7 kg of pink, juicy tomatoes with moderately thin skin. Ripening period is 105-110 days.

The favorite holiday requires tying and pinching, and is also very sensitive to feeding. Otherwise, it is unpretentious in care and is highly resistant to nightshade diseases.

Low growing varieties


The tomato is recommended for growing in open ground under film cover. Does not require additional support or pinning. The size of the bush reaches 70 centimeters. Fruit weight is from 150 to 200 grams.


One of the most popular early ripening varieties (ripening time is about 85 days), which is suitable for growing in regions with cool summers. The bush is low - from 0.4 to 06 meters in height. The tomatoes are medium in size (about 150 grams).

Abakan pink

Large-fruited (up to 500 grams) variety with intensive growth and extended fruiting. It is recommended to form 1-2 stems, and also regularly remove the stepsons under the first brush. The fruits are best used for processing.

New unique varieties

Every season new varieties and hybrids of tomatoes appear on store shelves. To get a good harvest, experts do not recommend choosing planting material based on a beautiful picture, but carefully read the description and choose a variety suitable for the growing region.

Tomato Mint

Mid-season, tall tomato. The rounded fruits are colored light orange. Weight – 500 g, the pulp is dense, sweet and sour. To prevent the bush from breaking under the weight of the fruit, it is tied to a support.

big rainbow

Mid-season, tall tomato. The fruits are large, colored red with pronounced yellow streaks. The taste is juicy, sweet, no sourness.

Hawaiian pineapple

A mid-season, high-yielding variety that forms a powerful, densely leafy bush up to 2 m high. The sweet and sour fruits are fleshy, juicy, suitable for preparing any dishes. The variety is unpretentious and disease resistant.

St. Andrew's surprise

A new tall variety with rich scarlet fruits weighing up to 600 g. The variety is late-ripening, so it is best to grow it in regions with long, warm summers.

The most productive varieties that do not require pinching


Tomato for growing in cold regions of Russia. It is distinguished by medium-sized fruits (approximately 250 grams), as well as ease of care. It is extremely rarely attacked by pests. Resistant to late blight.


A productive variety that will need to be grown with temporary film cover. Fruits from 80 to 100 grams are suitable for pickling. Tomatoes also tolerate transportation and cold temperatures. They have low susceptibility to mechanical damage.


Dutch variety, the growing period of which is 90-95 days. It is distinguished by wide leaves that cover the fruits (40-60 grams) from the hot sun. Ideal for growing in hot conditions.

The most stable

It is very useful for residents of areas with high humidity or temperature changes to pay attention to the resistance of tomatoes to various diseases or low temperatures. Such tomatoes exist. This:

  • Marmande . It is not subject to various fungal diseases and pest attacks. The fruits are quite large. The plant is resistant to low temperatures, so it can be planted two weeks earlier than other tomatoes of other varieties.
  • Sevruga . The weight of one fruit is 450 grams. The plant is very resistant to fungal diseases and is adapted to the conditions of northern regions.
  • Alaska F1 . A very unpretentious plant with early ripening. Resistant to low temperatures and various diseases. From one bush you can get up to 2 kg of tomatoes.

The most delicious large-fruited varieties of low-growing fleshy tomatoes


An early but unpretentious variety for open ground. Small rafts (90-120 grams) have a slightly flattened shape and are suitable for preservation. The tomato is not susceptible to most tomato diseases.

Summer resident

A productive variety that is unpretentious for growing in open ground. The height of the bush is 70-80 centimeters. The fruit size is average (150 grams). The main purpose of tomatoes is preservation, but they are also well suited for sale.

Fat Jack

A variety with one of the most powerful bushes, which reaches 0.5 meters in height and does not require staking. On average, tomatoes grow from 200 to 300 grams, but giants weighing 500 grams are often encountered. Very common in southern Russia.

Non-hybrid sweet varieties

The best early variety - White filling 241

This is an early ripening variety of tomatoes with a good yield - 8 kg per square meter. The average fruit weight reaches 100 grams. White filling can grow both in greenhouse conditions and in the open air.

Gardeners love White filling for its unpretentiousness to weather conditions (it produces crops even in cold summers), excellent taste and resistance to heat. The variety does not require special care and is immune to macrosporiosis. Another common “tomato” disease - late blight - White filling does not have time to get sick due to early ripening.


A variety that needs no introduction. The bushes are powerful, reaching 70 centimeters in height. The first harvest occurs 95 days after the seeds germinate. The fruits are quite small (up to 50 grams) and are intended mainly for preservation.

Southern tan

Mid-season variety with yellow fruits. The shape of a tomato most closely resembles a chicken egg. The weight of the berry reaches from 100 to 120 grams. Extremely tasty and also great for sale.

Incas F1

The seeds of this plant are quite popular because they were bred in Holland. It is recommended to grow under film cover, but this is not too important. The tomatoes are small - from 80 to 100 grams. During cultivation, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers will be required.

Russian Empire F1

Carpal hybrid, suitable for growing in central Russia. The fruits are elongated red cream, weighing 150 grams. The variety is suitable for pickling and is also in demand in the market. The fruits are susceptible to mechanical damage, so there is no need to worry about damage to the goods during transportation.

Aunt Valya F1

An unpretentious and popular variety, characterized by small bushes and medium-sized fruits (150 grams). Tomatoes are not susceptible to cracking due to exposure to sunlight. They have good taste and strong aroma. They have strong immunity.

Tips for choosing a variety

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the right tomato variety, you need to take into account several criteria:

  1. Zoning . Decide on the type of climate in your region and select varieties that are best suited;
  2. Landing place . In order for tomatoes to produce a good harvest, think about planting them in advance - in a greenhouse or in an open area;
  3. Purpose . If you are planting several varieties of tomatoes, then think about their purpose in advance: for canning, fresh dishes or sale.

Important! Also take into account the timing in which you want to get the first harvest and the duration of fruit ripening. If the variety is not adapted to temperature changes or frosts, you will need to take additional care of it.

In an attempt to diversify your plot with tomatoes of unusual colors and shapes, read reviews not only from manufacturers, but also from amateur summer residents.

Reviews of seeds and varieties

Of course, almost every gardener grows tomatoes. This means there can be many opinions about the same variety. We have collected several reviews about tomato varieties among gardening forums and websites.

Polina Ivanova: “Yellow-orange Persimmon – delicious and super-yielding tomatoes.”

Margarita Shakhova: “Tomato 100 pounds - 1.5 m tall, mid-season, dense flesh, low-seeded, sweet.”

Tatyana Nikolaevna: “Old Believers are red tomatoes, aromatic, tasty, with a slight sourness. Salad variety."

Anna Ustinova: “And, of course, bicolors, where would we be without them. Virginia’s sweets are delicious!”

Evgenia Smirnova: “For me, the opening of this season is Brad’s Black Heart. Extraordinarily tasty. The fruits do not get smaller, they are almost the same size from top to bottom. Healthy, beautiful bush."

Lyubov Borisova: “Well, what’s a garden without Sergeant Pepper? I give these tomatoes to my friends. Everyone loves the unusual coloring and heart shape.”

Inna Novikova: “Black De Barao is tasty, productive, suitable for canning.”

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